International Karate Tournament

WKF Kumite Rules

FOR ALL BLACK & ADVANCE BELTS (black & brown combined in a division)


The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine divisions where he sees fit.

  • All contestants must wear a clean, white karate gi.

  • Toenails and fingernails must be trimmed short.



FOR ALL BLACK BELTS & ADVANCE  BELTS (black & brown belts combined into one division)


  1. 8-point spread for all WKF matches

  2. 2-MINUTES: women and all 17 years old & under. Time STOPS at command of YAME.

  3. 3-MINUTES: men’s divisions. Time STOPS at command of YAME.

  4. Red, blue, or white Naugahyde, WKF type fist guards only.

  5. Light, non-injurious contact or “skin touch” to face, head/neck area with a punch or strike is allowed in adult black belt divisions only

  6. Mouth guard and groin protector mandatory for all male competitors.

  7. Head and shin guard optional for 14 years & under.  

  8. Chest guard optional for female competitors.

  9. Only safety glasses with restraining band or soft contact lenses allowed.


  • Yuko:  chudan or jodan punch or strike.

  • Waza-ari:  chudan kicks, unbalancing the opponent with a leg sweep and scoring with a punch, kick or strike.

  • Ippon:  jodan kicks and any scoring technique delivered to a thrown or fallen opponent or who is otherwise off their feet with trunk of body on the floor then scored upon.

FLAG CRITERIA: Two flags must indicate the same type of score: Yuko, Waza-ari or Ippon in order for Referee to award the point otherwise there is no point awarded.

DECISION CRITERIA:  Competitor with an 8-point lead or with most points at end of match wins. If at end of match there’s no score or the scores are tied: winner will be determined by Senshu - first  unopposed score advantage.


Category 1:  Excessive contact, contact to the throat, deliberate attack to arms, legs, groin, joints and instep, open hand attack to the face, dangerous throwing techniques causing injury to the opponent.

  • Point Penalties for Category 1 type warnings only:

    • Chukoku:  No point

    • Keikioku:  Yuko (1 point penalty)

    • Hansoku Chui:  Waza Ari (2 point penalty)

    • Hansoku:  Disqualification

    Category 2:  Faking or exaggerating an injury, jogai, mubobi, avoiding combat preventing the opponent an opportunity to score, not attempting to engage in combat, clinching, wrestling, pushing, seizing or standing chest to chest without attempting a throw or other technique, uncontrolled techniques, attack with the head, knee, or elbow, talking to or goading the opponent, failing to follow the referee's order and discourteous behavior.


  • Beginner:  7th Kyu and below

  • Intermediate:  6th , 5th , and 4th Kyu

  • Brown Belt:  3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu, and 1st Kyu

  • Advance:  black and brown belts are combined together into one division

  • Black Belt:  black belts only