2023 oZAWA CUP

International Karate Tournament

WUKF Team rotation Kumite Rules




  1. 6-MINUTES running time: Clock stops only upon Referee’s request.

  2. Each Team must have 3 competitors in each round or be disqualified. Each team may have one reserve competitor.

  3. Each competitor must fight at least once and for at least 15 seconds in each round. If at the end of the round, one of the competitors has not fought, the team will be disqualified.

  • EXCEPTION: If a competitor is 6 points ahead of the other team before the end of the round, his/her team will be declared winner even if the other 2 members did not fight.



  1. No point limit. Each team may score as many points as possible during the 6 minutes round. The team with most points at the end of the 6 minute round wins. However If a team reaches an advantage of “6 points” (3 Ippon, 6 waza-ari, or a combination of Ippon and waza-ari), within the 6 minutes prescribed time, it will be declared the winner.

  2. If there is a tie the team with most Ippon wins.

  3. If there's still a tie, HANTEI will be called.

  4. If the judges' decision is HIKIWAKE, 2 minutes extension (Encho-Sen), first point wins. One competitor from each team will initiate the extension. This competitor may be changed after the extension has begun.



  • A Change-Judge will be used in Team Rotation to substitute a fighter. The Change-Judge's sole function is to indicate to the referee when and which competitor should be changed. 

  • During the match the coach of either team may make as many substitutions between the 3 team members as he or she want after the member has fought for at least 15 seconds.

  •  Each competitor must be ready at all times with all required kumite equipment to enter the ring when referee calls for a “CHANGE”.



  • Each member of each team must fight for at least 15 seconds before a substitution or "CHANGE" can occur. After a team member has fought for at least 15 seconds, a coach can ask for substitution by verbally saying “CHANGE” to the Change-Judge. 

  • The Change-Judge will use a whistle and a flag as a signal to indicate to the Referee that a "CHANGE" has been requested so that the Referee will stop the match to allow a substitution. 

  • Only the Referee can decide when to stop the match and allow the substitution, by calling ‘CHANGE”. The substitution has to be made within 3 seconds. If the change exceeds these 3 seconds, the Referee will penalize the team involved for time wasting, with Kinshi and not permit the substitution.

  • Any substitution or "CHANGE" done without the referee’s command will result in a penalty of Kinshi.   

  • Both competitors cannot be substituted at the same time. The team who made the request for a "CHANGE" first will have it's competitor be substituted.



  • Beginner:  7th Kyu and below

  • Intermediate:  6th , 5th , and 4th Kyu

  • Brown Belt:  3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu, and 1st Kyu

  • Advance:  black and brown belts are combined together into one division

  • Black Belt:  black belts only